History of Land Care Nursery

The humble beginnings of Land Care Nursery started in Alberta in 1997, when the owner of Land Care became a Landscape Industry Certified Technician and started operating a nursery and retail business for 13 years to provide a good source of plant material. During the 32 years in Alberta, Land Care has also worked closely with the local college and the Horticultural Program.

Land Care relocated to Nova Scotia in 2011 and settled just outside of Cookville. Here, we opened one greenhouse for annuals and perennials, and a garden center in 2014. By 2015, another greenhouse was added for perennials and land was cleared to start selling trees and shrubs. Just like in Alberta, we also run a Retail Garden Center for all your gardening needs.

Future plans for Land Care Nursery include bringing in Bare Root plant stock to grow-up and expand the Land Care brand. We will continue to educate our customers about the plants they purchase, as well as develop experimental trial beds and fields on-site.

Our staff look forward to seeing you for all your nursery needs.

Management of Land Care Nursery

Land Care Nursery

1436 Hwy 10
Cookville NS B4V 7R4
(902) 543-9904

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